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Why is Dry Cleaning Necessary?

There are a number of misunderstandings when it comes to dry cleaning. This confusion comes from the fact that not everyone knows exactly what dry cleaning is. ”Dry cleaning” isn’t completely dry. A petroleum-based solution called perchloroethylene is applied to clothing and has the capability to get rid of dirt and stains without damaging the fabric underneath. Here are five reasons why dry cleaning is a must.

1. DIY solutions don’t always work

When trying to remove stains through homemade remedies, the stains often turn out worse. It all depends on the type of stain and the type of fabric. With dry cleaning, you’re guaranteed to get the stain removed first time round.

2. Invisible stains

Stains caused by oily or sugary substances that seem to disappear when they dry are called ‘invisible stains’. Although they seem to disappear, they’re still there and if not instantly treated professionally, they’ll reappear with time or exposure to heat, leaving a yellow colour.

3. Seasonal clothing

Seasonal clothes shouldn’t be put away dirty even if worn just a few times. This is due to the fact that even a small crumb, body oil or spillage encourages insect damage even in the tidiest of houses.

4. Sensitive Fabrics

Some fabrics, like wool, cashmere, and silk, are quite delicate and cannot be safely washed in a commercial washing machine. Delicate clothing, such as those containing lace and beads, are also at risk of damage. This is when dry cleaning becomes necessary as it protects the material.

5. Personalisation

Dry cleaning professionals are experts in the field. When you hand over your clothing and linens, you’ve got the chance to point out problem areas and existing damages and have them addressed. That’s something your domestic washing machine can’t do!

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