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Tips on Reducing Your Ironing Time

Ironing: far from the most popular house chore, yet it’s got to be done! As the leading providers of dry cleaning in Malta, our team at Portughes Dry Cleaning shares some tips on how to prevent creasing and wrinkling in your clothes and how to deal with them once they’re there.

1. Don’t wash light and heavy garments in the same load

Separate light and heavy clothes (such as jackets and jeans) in the washing machine rather than mixing them all together to prevent lighter garments from having heavier ones pressing wrinkles into them.

2. Hang clothes correctly

The fastest way to reduce your ironing time is to immediately hang the wet items, or if they’ve already been tumble-dried, fold them. This prevents them from settling and wrinkling in the dryer or basket. When hanging clothes, be mindful about where you place the pegs; placing them in the centre of a garment will leave a pinch-like peg mark which will require ironing.

3. Invest in a garment steamer

Steaming takes much less time than ironing does – a quarter of the time, in fact. It is a great option for large items that need to be pressed and doesn’t require much space, unlike irons which require a board. Although irons are easy to use on smooth fabrics, steam irons work much better on parts of clothing such as sleeves, ruffles and pleats. They remove the wrinkles without making contact with the fabric, which is ideal for delicate fabrics such as silk, as they prevent burning the garment. So if you only have a few items that always need to be ironed, a steamer may be your best option!

4. Storage

Many clothes get creased because they are stuffed into overfilled drawers or worse, dumped on chairs – the floor, even! Therefore, the easiest and most logical prevention to this is keeping them neatly stored so they don’t bunch up and get wrinkled. If necessary, get rid of clothes you no longer wear to make room for the ones you do.

We all want to spend as little time as possible ironing our clothes, so we hope our tips have been helpful!

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