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5 Stubborn Stains and How to Remove Them: A Quick Guide by Portughes Dry Cleaning

We’ve all been there – about to leave the house for work or a night out when suddenly, an ugly stain previously unnoticed just seems to pop out of nowhere, forcing us to run back inside and rummage through our wardrobes for something else to wear. Read on to discover some useful stain-removing home remedies brought to you by Portughes Dry Cleaning.

Red wine

Pour club soda over the stain until saturated. The liquid will start to bubble and the colour will gradually fade away. Once it has disappeared completely, let the material dry whilst cleaning up any club soda that may have spilled over. Consider adding salt by sprinkling a thick layer underneath the soda. This will absorb the alcohol quickly, thus increasing your chances of removing the stain altogether.


Mix some ammonia and water and soak for 20 minutes, rinse, and place it in the washing machine for good measure. Check that the blood has lifted entirely before laundering as the heat from the spin cycle may mark the stain permanently.


Use petroleum jelly to surround the stain and prevent it from spreading, then place a few drops of rubbing alcohol and dab it with cotton wool. Allow it to dry and rinse with washing liquid.

Hairspray can also be used as a cleaning agent. Spray and soak the fabric for a few seconds and blot it with a scrubbing cloth. Continue until the stain is gone and launder, taking care to follow the washing instructions on the label.


Soak the fabric in either a dishwashing detergent or a laundry stain remover and wash in warm water. If the stain is older, use white vinegar or baking soda and mix with water and rub with a sponge as needed. For fresh wet stains, rinse with cold water straight away and soak for 30 minutes. Launder at the hottest setting after ensuring that the stain has come off. Repeat the above procedure if necessary.


Wait until the chocolate hardens before scraping off any excess with a plastic spoon or knife. Mix some dishwashing liquid with water and spray about a tablespoon of the soapy solution directly on the stain. Apply some enzyme laundry detergent and dab gently before putting it in the wash.

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