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Terms and Conditions

Understanding your fabric’s characteristics and setting your expectations in the event that you intend to submit a complaint.

PLEASE - Remove all garments from plastic packaging to avoid humidity issues, especially on carpets and thick fabrics. Dispose of packaging in a safe way.

Dealing with stains: The company maintains its team trained and up to date, uses high-quality products and invests regularly in the latest equipment available on the market to provide the best possible cleaning service. Although we do our best to remove all stains, we can never guarantee complete stain removal as this depends on various factors such as, but not limited to, how long the stain has been present in the fabric, prior attempts to remove the stain/s, the type of stain, the type of fabric, the dyes used on the fabric in the manufacturing process, the strength of the fabric and much more.

Care Labels and Manufacturer's Instructions: Our trained team will be handling your garments with utmost care to restore them to an ‘as new condition’ as possible and shall adhere to the cleaning labels attached to the garment. Taking into consideration that the garments we handle have been manufactured by third parties, our knowledge is based on what is stated on the cleaning labels which have been supplied by the garment, thus we cannot take full responsibility if such instructions are incorrect or misleading. When garments are received for cleaning without care labels, our team will perform patch tests on textiles and accessories which take place prior to the cleaning process. This is only a guideline as such tests have several limitations. We trust that you fully understand that in such circumstances, garments will only be treated at your own risk.

Most garments which include accessories such as belts, buckles, buttons, broaches, beading (all types), painted logos, leather trims, furs, branded accessories, metal logos, zips, detachable hoods, collars, waterproof inner linings are on most occasions excluded from the cleaning instructions issued by the manufacturer. In all cases, our team will be handling such items with utmost care to the extent that on some occasions we also require to remove and or protect (when possible) to avoid such accessories getting damaged during the cleaning process. Although all precautions
are taken, occasionally damages could still occur for which we cannot take any responsibility.

Due to the fast changes in the fashion world, the lack of fabric testing, and the quality of new textiles and accessories which are being placed on the market, it is becoming common to encounter garments with hidden defects or quality issues that become visible following the cleaning process, this tends to occur mostly when garments are cleaned for the first time. Please be aware of this when submitting your items for cleaning.

Soft fabrics: Most of the soft fabrics received for cleaning are without any cleaning instructions. Our qualified team will be performing patch testing on the fabric so that they can suggest the best cleaning method. During this inspection which takes place prior to the cleaning process, our team will also carry out a visible inspection for damages. Due to the test limitations and hidden defects, as garments are usually received creased and dirt or stain could be covering faulty areas, we are limited to the full verifications of defects. This also includes the limited possibility to verify the extent of fabric deterioration to which it has been exposed, both for colour weaknesses and fabric strength. During the cleaning process, even when using very low mechanical action and delicate products, such hidden weaknesses would not resist the cleaning process and thus could get damaged. In this very rare event that the said garments get damaged, we do not hold responsibility.

Please note that adhesives, defects, and faults which were previously camouflaged in the manufacturing process may become more apparent after the cleaning process. Although every possible care is taken, we cannot always disguise natural flaws or totally remove adhesives, or stretching techniques employed by the manufacturer. These items may “age” after cleaning. All items are therefore only accepted by us for cleaning at your own risk.

Curtains: Apart from the remarks mentioned under ‘Soft Fabrics’ above, curtains are also subjected to common issues such as shrinkage and colour loss. Shrinkage tends to occur due to a process called fabric relaxation. During the manufacturing process, fabrics are stretched to remove wrinkles and rolled. This process also extends the fabric between 3 to 10 per cent of its original length. Although all fabrics used for curtains and soft fabrics are meant to be pre-shrunk before being cut and sewn, unfortunately, it is becoming common practice that this step is skipped and not
carried out as stated by fabric manufacturers. In such cases, the fabric will retract during the cleaning cycle which results in shrinkage. To compensate for this common issue, soft fabric manufacturers and drapery seamstresses tend to implement added fabric at the bottom of the curtain or soft fabrics such as cushions and covers so that shrinkage can be rectified by making use of the additional fabric in this way. When the first cleaning takes place if the fabric is relatively new, the shifting of the stitching holes is not that viable, but if the fabric has been there for a while, the stretched sticking holes could be evident. Discolouration of fabric between the area covered in the hem and the area exposed could also become visible, even when not exposed to direct sunlight. Another common issue; is the back hem marks especially on curtains which drag to the ground and the crease marks could be visible following such alterations. In such circumstances, the company will not be liable for any compensation.

Alterations and repairs: We will be not held liable for any pinning carried out by the customer prior to mending. We will not be liable for the finished repair results from any pinning such as shortening, lengthening, taking in or out, tapering, or hemming and not limited to all alterations and repair instructions will be confirmed as full and final
by the customer. All garments received for repairs must be cleaned prior to repairs for Health, Hygiene and Safety purposes.

Collection and/or delivery of items: If you require garment cleaning with a specific deadline, we strongly suggest that such items are brought in for cleaning at least 15 days prior to the date required. Under no circumstance do we accept liability for any type of compensation if garments are not ready on time and or not delivered on time.

Uncollected or undelivered: Depending on the items sent for cleaning and the time of year, our team will inform you of the expected delivery or collection date. You will be informed via message on the phone number provided to us when handing in the items for cleaning, that your items are ready to be collected or will be delivered. We are able to store your items for a maximum period of 30 days from the first notification message. Once the 30 days have elapsed, you will be charged a five-euro storage fee daily until the day they are collected up to a maximum of 90 days from the day you have brought in the items for cleaning. Once the 90 days elapse, your items will be disposed of, and the company will not be held liable for any compensation. Do make sure to collect or accept delivery of your items on time.

Compensation: In the rare event that any item/s or garment/s is lost or damaged whilst in our custody and forms part of a set such as, but not limited to, two-piece suit / furnishings / curtains / upholstery / or any other matching item, we will only compensate for that lost / damaged item that is documented on the customer’s ticket. We will not be held liable for any compensation for the retrospective value of the whole set loss / damage.

Valuation of items: If the company is found liable for any type of compensation to a garment /s and or fabrics, the compensation shall always be limited to ten times the cleaning charge excluding any tax for that item. If you have any garment/s which are higher in value than the compensation rate stated above, kindly make sure to inform us before handing in such items for cleaning, this will enable us to adjust the cleaning charges accordingly so that you are fully covered if you need to make use of such compensation rate as mentioned above.

Placing a complaint: If you would like to file a complaint, this must be registered via email at info@21444444.com. Kindly make sure to include your order number on which you would like to place the report, your contact number, and a brief description of your issue. Please note that all complaints must be reported within 15 days of collecting or delivering of your item/s, following this timeframe the complaint will not be accepted. Complaints are only accepted with garments that still have the barcode issued from our end still attached to the garment which is required to track all the cleaning process, without a barcode we cannot track your garment and thus cannot accept your complaint.