Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

  1. Please check all garments within 15 days from collection/delivery date, as no complaints shall be accepted afterwards. 
  2. Whilst we endeavor to return your garments within a specified period of time, there might be times where delays occur. The reason for this is that the garment/s might need to go through numerous processes, particularly with regards to stains, as well as additional time required to complete the drying process. When it comes to carpets, rugs, quilts, blankets, curtains etc., these might need extra care, in which results to having a longer delivery time. In such cases, we cannot be held responsible for any additional and/or third party costs incurred by the client as a direct result of any delays occurred.
  3. In case of any losses or fire, or for any damaged goods, while in our custody or our subcontractors custody, for which we accept liability, the compensation in case of absence of the original fiscal proof of receipt/purchase will be limited to 10 times the DRY CLEANING or LAUNDRY prices charged for normal service (Tax excluded).
  4. If goods are not claimed or all charges paid in full within six months of invoice date, we shall have the right to sell or dispose of such items.
  5. If goods are NOT collected within three months, a rent of 50c per day will be charged.
  6. The company shall NOT be held liable to any damaged and/or loss of buttons and accessories, or damages done to garments due to accessories and/or buttons.
  7. The company is not held responsible for any goods or cash left in garments.
  8. Once garments are received, remove from plastic packing due to mould stains, to avoid the risk of suffocation keep plastic packing out of children’s reach.
  9. Unless the receipt is shown, NO complaints will be accepted hereafter.
  10. NO goods shall be released without presentation of the receipt.
  11. The company is NOT responsible for damages due to misinformation on cleaning labels.
  12. NONE of our agents or employees have the authority to alter, vary of qualify in any way, these terms and conditions.
  13. We are entitled to subcontract work out wholly or in part and these conditions shall also apply to goods entrusted by us to subcontractors.
  14. Owing to the conditions and characteristics of certain articles we received for cleaning such as; signs of wear & tear, sunlight damage, colour bleed, colour loose, and any other hidden defects that have occurred during manufacturing process, accessories and/or incorrect cleaning instructions, that may have not been evident before the cleaning process. The company will not be held responsible for such damages in the event that the condition of the garment has deteriorated and become more evident following the cleaning process.
  15. Stain removal is primarily dependent on the length of time elapsed, as well as the type of stain and fabric. Therefore whilst we can never guarantee stain removal, we will always do our utmost to remove them.